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Regional Lockout

Regional Lockout Explanations



Nintendo Entertainment System

Japanese counterpart: Family Computer (Famicom)

 Nintendo Entertainment System Front Loader 

The NES is region locked physically by differing pin sizes. The NES uses cartridges with 72 pins that connect with the console when the cartridge is inserted. The Japanese counterpart, Famicom, on the otherhand uses cartridges with 60 pins that will not natively fit into your NES.

Alternatives: Some NES cartridges contain a 60 to 72 pin converter inside. If you're lucky enough to find one of these, you can construct your own converter that will let you play Famicom games on your NES. The games known to have famicom converters inside are Gyromite, Wrecking Crew, Hogan's Ally, and Pinball. Please note that not every one of these carts will have a converter inside.

Super Nintendo                            

The Super Nintendo is locked out by